The 61 members of the Class of 2022 celebrated the school’s 135th Commencement exercises on June 2, 2022 at Carnegie Music Hall. As a result of student advocacy and leadership, the student body wore caps and gowns during the ceremony as a way to live the WT credo, “Think also of the comfort and the rights of others” and to create equity in this final event.

Student speakers Julia F. Stern, Ajah N. Bowser, Giuseppe S. Llovet-Nava, and Claudia and Hannah Brelsford were joined by Abigail Robinson Foster ’03, Vice President Board of Trustees, and Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech in addressing the students and their guests. Student speakers acknowledged the challenges of their high school experience and lauded the resilience, humor, and compassion that characterized the Class of 2022.

Winchester Thurston School Class of 2022
  • Jack E. Anderson-Jussen
  • Yasmina M. Andrews
  • Zoe Mae Apostolopoulos
  • Michael B. Baim
  • Kush Bandi
  • Nicholas G. Blair
  • Ajah N. Bowser
  • Claudia Elizabeth Brelsford*
  • Hannah Lynn Brelsford*
  • Michael Bruni
  • Alexander Burton
  • Hannah Chang
  • Abigail Cohen*
  • Alexis Victoria Crowley*
  • Charles M. Denko*
  • Gabriella Duch
  • Otto David Graham*
  • Sage M. Grodin*
  • Leo Hoglund-McGuirk
  • JohnIrv Hollingshead*
  • Miranda Rose Hopper*
  • Najee R. Jackson
  • Jackson Maddox Juzang
  • Tobias F. Kaufmann
  • Jonah I. Keller
  • Ilyas Xavier Khan
  • Luke Lamitina
  • Chase Lehn*
  • Sasha E. Likhachev
  • Giuseppe S. Llovet-Nava
  • Mirelle Lozano
  • Kate V. McAllister
  • Massimiliano Memoli
  • Daniel Elliott Myers
  • Lance P. Nicholls*
  • Sophia Nicholls*
  • Eesa Noaman
  • Mitra Nourbakhsh
  • Maddie Piemme
  • Andrew D. Porco
  • Tamia J. Pugh
  • Mackenna Lynne Roberts
  • Maya L. Roberts
  • Grant Neil Robinson*
  • Alexander Rotondi*
  • Emily C. Rotondi*
  • Brian C. Salipante
  • Matthew B. Shlomchik
  • Vikraanth S. Sinha
  • Lorin G. Sleet*
  • Molly Jewell Smith
  • Julia F. Stern
  • Kaitlyn Sullivan
  • Peyton I. Thomas*
  • Neil B. Wagner-Oke
  • Julian Westray
  • Florentyna Wojnaroski*
  • Ryan A. Woo
  • Alivia J. Wright
  • Jackson Zemek*
  • Siyuan Zhang
  • *WT Lifer
group of graduate speakers
Commencement speakers (L – R) Director of Upper School Anne L. Fay, Ph.D., Claudia Elizabeth Brelsford, Hannah Lynn Brelsford, Julia F. Stern, Ajah N. Bowser, Giuseppe S. Llovet-Nava, Dr. Scott D. Fech, Abigail Robinson Foster ’03
“That is a beautiful thing that I have been given at this school: the opportunity to reflect and understand the world I live in. To think deeply about the causes and effects of vitally important issues. These seeds of critical thinking planted at this school will take root. Take every opportunity to tend those seeds.”
—Giuseppe S. Llovet-Nava
“It is our duty as students and as humans to continue to spread the greatness, uplift other people, and cultivate new experiences and voices in the spaces we will occupy beyond WT.”
—Ajah N. Bowser
Graduates with yellow roses
Students show the joy of holding their WT diploma (L – R) Julia F. Stern, Kaitlyn Sullivan, Peyton I. Thomas, and Grant Neil Robinson (background).
graduate hugs teacher
Maddie Piemme (L) with Middle School faculty member David Piemme (R)
“So thank you WT. Thank you for shaping us into who we are and who we need to be and for giving us a community that is devoted, passionate, and innovative. We love you forever and always.”
—Claudia and Hannah Brelsford
“Our founders Alice Maud Thurston and Mary A. Graham Mitchell could never have imagined the WT of today, yet we have not wavered from their founding purpose. We have worked hard to prepare you academically for the rigors of post-secondary pursuits, while keeping an eye to helping you develop to be people of character, integrity, empathy, and intellectual courage.” 
—Dr. Scott D. Fech
Graduates signing the alma mater
Students Vikraanth S. Sinha (foreground) and Lorin G. Sleet (background) join together in singing the alma mater.
Graduate shaking hands
Student Council Vice President Thomas M. Gordon (L) congratulates Wadhwa awardee Hannah Chang (R).
“I want to thank you for your leadership in pushing the school forward to tackle changes that will ultimately make us a more welcoming and inclusive place for all […] your leadership has left the school a better and stronger institution for those who follow.” 
—Abigail Robinson Foster ’03, Vice President Board of Trustees

Excellence Honored

The Emily E. Dorrance award for a student whose conduct, interaction, and leadership best demonstrates the school credo, Think also of the comfort and the rights of others, given by friends of the Dorrance family

Julia F. Stern

The Mary A. Campbell award for outstanding scholarship, given by Katherine Houston Rush

JohnIrv Hollingshead

The Mary A. Graham Mitchell award for character, personality, loyalty, and scholarship, given by the alumnae/i association

Jack E. Anderson-Jussen

The Alice M. Thurston award for integrity, courageous leadership, and service, given by the Board of Trustees

Leo Hoglund-McGuirk

The Ruth S. Gamsby award for citizenship, kindness, and courteous helpfulness, given by the Daniel F. Mullane family

Giuseppe S. Llovet-Nava 

The Nina Wadhwa Student Council award for a student who best exemplifies Gentle in Manner, Strong in Deed, endowed by the Wadhwa family

Hannah Chang