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Miss Mitchell Society
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Your legacy: the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers.
Including Winchester Thurston School in your will or trust, or making WT the beneficiary of an insurance policy, IRA, or 401(k), is a simple way to make an incredible impact.
Learn more about planned giving strategies, potential tax savings, and how your gift can spark the next generation of learners: winchesterthurston.org/plannedgiving
For more information, or to let us know of your intentions, please contact Alex Neal, Director of Leadership Philanthropy, at neala@winchesterthurston.org or 412-224-4644.

Miss Mitchell Society Members

Following are the current living members of our community who have remembered WT in their estate planning.

  • Betsy Aiken ’72
    Suzanne LeClere Barley ’52
    Loretta Lobes Benec ’88
    Barbara Abney Bolger ’52
    Kathleen W. Buechel
    Joan Clark Davis ’65
    Judith Rohrer Davis ’57
    Judith Ellenbogen ’58
    Justine Diebold Englert ’59
    Anna-Stina Ericson ’44
    Robert I. Glimcher
    Barbara Graves-Poller ’93
    Rosanne Isay Harrison ’56
    Kristi A. Kerins A’67
    Kathryn W. Kruse ’58
    Elsa Limbach
    Louise Baldridge Lytle ’51
    Carole Oswald Markus ’57
    Gretchen Larson Maslanka ’83
    Marga Matheny ’64
    Patricia L. Maykuth ’69
    Beverlee Simboli McFadden ’55
    Kathleen L. Metinko ’91
    Frances P. Minno
    Bee Jee Epstine Morrison ’56
    Eileen Mauclair Muse ’61
    Henry Posner III
    Kathy Zillweger Putnam ’71
    Sarah Irving Riling ’67
    Susan Criep Santa-Cruz ’60
    Jennifer M. Scanlon
    Sheen Sehgal ’89
    Dr. Beth A. Walter ’92
    Gaylen Westfall, Honorary Alumna
    Carol Spear Williams ’57

Please visit winchesterthurston.org/missmitchell for the complete list of Miss Mitchell Society Members.